Implementing Positive Classroom Discipline (Preschool) $25.00 
Saturday August 22, 202
0 - 
9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Limited Seating

Limited Seating

3 Contact Hour Credits

Learning Topics:  Program Management; Professionalism; Children’s Social & Emotional Development

Training Description: How do you implement a classroom discipline policy that allows children to contribute and fosters a positive learning environment? This training will introduce participants to several different classroom management techniques that can allow them to institute a classroom discipline policy that really works. Having a solid classroom discipline policy is vital for every classroom and allows the children to learn and grow within appropriate boundaries. Participants will leave this training with adequate resources to start an effective classroom management policy and a solid foundation of how to conduct their classroom to encourage positive discipline practices.

 Training Objectives:

  • Define discipline and address common misconceptions about discipline and discipline policies.

  • Identify the 4 parenting styles and how they may shape children’s behavior.

  • Define and practice the different teaching approaches for discipline and teacher-student interaction.

  • Demonstrate and identify “testing” behavior of children and positive ways to address these behaviors.

  • Explore classroom management tactics that can help with classroom discipline policies.

  • Be able to identify ways to improve hypothetical discipline scenarios by applying positive classroom management practices.

  • Illustrate ways to incorporate or revise the participants’ current classroom discipline policy.


2 Hours
Learning Topics:  Special Needs, Disabilities, and Inclusive Practices; Inclusion of children with special needs;
​Interactions, Relationships and 


Training Description: Participants will get an overview of autistic spectrum disorder, its causes, characteristics and specific strategies teachers can take to teach and positively interact with children in the classroom who have been diagnosed with autism. 

Teaching Strategies for Children Diagnosed with Autism $25.00 
Saturday September 13, 202
0 - 
9:30 am to 11:30 pm