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The Power of Communication: Exploring the Benefits of Infant Signing


This is ChildCare Edu's very first post to our blog, why did we create one? Because we value knowledge of child development, its only going to improve your child caring experience. Saving you time, confusion, money (in some cases), and frustrations. This goes beyond a two three hour course and daycare, this space is inclusive for all that have chosen to care for and lead children. So lets kick things off with the youngest ones of the pack, INFANTS!!!


How can we replace crying with communication?

The discovery of baby sign language offers a unique and effective way for parents to connect with their babies during the crucial early stages of development. By providing a means for pre-verbal infants to express themselves, this practice enhances communication, reduces frustration, and fosters a stronger bond between parents and their children.

Baby signing became mainstream in the 2000s, although discovered in the 1800s due to studies involving deaf families. But in the 1980s a Dr. Joseph Garcia rediscovered BSL (Baby Signing Language) and taught signing to hearing families. BSL starts as young as six months, were they communicate their needs oppose to crying. Signs include gestures of being hungry, wanting more, being all done, being too cold or hot, just wanting some love, and so on.

Benefits of Infant Signing include:

  • Enhanced Early Communication

  • Reduced Frustration

  • Stronger Parent-Child Bond

  • Early Language Development

  • Boosted Confidence In Care Giving

  • Cognitive Advantages (learning signs involves understanding abstract symbols and their meanings, fostering cognitive development and enhancing problem-solving skills.)

Give it try with these steps to get started

Start Early

Begin introducing signs around 6 to 8 months, when babies start developing motor skills and are more receptive to visual cues.

Choose Key Signs

Repetition and Consistency

Pair with Speech

Be Patient

As the benefits of infant signing become increasingly recognized, more families are discovering its potential to empower and enrich the lives of both infants and their caregivers.

Be progressive in a real way that makes a positive impact to your life and the babies :) And check out these clickable links below to learn more:

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